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The Beginning

Introduction. She packed her bags and walked away from it all, she never looked behind her, what she left or what she was about to leave. She just walked on. Of course, there was something that was making her think, was all this worth? For all the hours spent, for all the memories? Was it… Continue reading The Beginning


Hey, It’s 2020!

Hey, This is a new year, so a new me. I am so thrilled to start this year that I am 20 days late in wishing the blog a happy new year. This is amazing. I just saw that I never posted this, and it was in my drafts. Second thoughts, I am back and… Continue reading Hey, It’s 2020!

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An Observer. An Account. A Story.

The phone rings as the lady in the blue dress answers it. Her expression changes from bored to worrying too anxious in mere seconds. The longer she holds the receiver to her ear, the longer her frowns deepen. She sits silently and listens to whatever is being said on the phone. Being an artist, my… Continue reading An Observer. An Account. A Story.