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Inside Dairies. -Food for Thought.

There is something I can find through that glass I have been looking through all my life. I know that shutting myself is not the answer to any of my questions. But, I am afraid from everything that have been going on around. I am stunned at how I am amazed at myself, at the… Continue reading Inside Dairies. -Food for Thought.

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Passing Through. -A short Story. (part 1)

"OMG, I can't take this anymore. If, mom brings another one of her boyfriends home, I swear I'll go berserk. I know she feels alone, but these are men not clothes that before buying, you try them all." Kimberly shouts at me, her best friend . "I am telling you, jerks like them just are… Continue reading Passing Through. -A short Story. (part 1)



I am melting in the HEAT again..

Beyond Realms

Well. what can we say?

Is This Really True?

Well, when you are in that moment, it is not easy to withdraw and even when you are in that moment you want to vent out but you can’t; not that you are afraid but you are afraid. You overthink the whole situation and are too timid to stand what you want to say on the grounds of respect.

Is this really that true? not wanting to say stuff in the moment of heat and withdrawing just because you are afraid that it may alter things in between. It’s like what should be said according to situation. I couldn’t get a nice comeback when my friends used to have solid comebacks. not even now.

I wish I just could say anything to anyone in the heat of the moment. But I can’t. The real reason is not that I am afraid…

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